Big Cass On Why Everyone Hates Enzo Amore


Source: Ringside Collectibles

Big Cass was a guest on Ringside Collectibles at Ringsidefest 2017. He talked about why people don’t like Amore and more.

Amore’s antics have generated a ton of heat backstage as he’s been kicked off a tour bus and isn’t allowed to dress with the other superstars in the locker room. When asked why he thinks people have problems with Amore, Cass had a simple answer.

“Because he’s Enzo,” Cass said. “I mean, you’d have to ask a lot of people their opinions on that, but I’ll just say it’s because he’s Enzo. That’s why.”

When Amore was injured last summer, Cass was inserted into the Universal Title picture. He competed in a Fatal 4-Way for the vacant championship against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Even though he was the first man eliminated in that match, he definitely impressed and showed he can compete with the best. Cass said he hopes to do exactly that when he returns from his injury.

“I’d say competing for the Universal Championship, Fatal 4-Way match in Houston last August. Probably my favorite memory right now on Monday Night RAW is competing for the Universal Championship,” Cass said. “There’s a lot left for me to prove. I do want to win the Universal Championship but I do feel like I did show that I could hang with the big boys, so when I come back that’s what I’m looking to do.”

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