Beth Phoenix On Why Wrestlemania 35 Was So Special To Her


Beth Phoenix was interviewed earlier in the week by “”. In the interview, she spoke on how special Wrestlemania 35 was to her. Phoenix revealed that it was a full circle moment for her, as Bret Hart v Owen Hart is what had gotten her interested in the business and Wrestlemania 35 allowed her to come out to the Hart Foundation music along with her ‘idol’. Here’s what Phoenix had to say:

It was a full circle moment. Bret Hart versus Owen Hart (at WrestleMania X) was the match that made me certain I was destined to become a wrestler. On the 35th Anniversary, I got to walk to the ring to the Hart Foundation music in pink and black and hi-five my hero. Nothing could ever compare to that moment. It was so special and I’ll never forget it.

Credit: MyTwinTiers

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