Benfica blast Enzo Fernandez after leaving Chelsea


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This is called quickly entering the big leagues. Barely 6 months ago, the young Enzo Fernandez left River Plate to land on the side of Benfica. The Portuguese club paid around 20 million euros to secure the services of the midfielder. But now, in the meantime, Enzo Fernandez shone at the World Cup and finished as the best young player in the competition, which he won with Argentina. Enough to make it the attraction of the winter transfer window and to put Europe at its feet. Benfica which had fixed a clause of 120 million euros hoped to keep the player at least until next summer knowing full well that the value of the player would still be very high in a few months.

But the player did not seem to hear it that way and began to gently force his departure. After skipping training earlier this month and traveling to Argentina without his club’s permission, the 22-year-old, who was then being stalked by Manchester United and Liverpool, seemed to have come to his senses afterwards. And until the last hours of the transfer window, we even thought that he was going to finish the season well on the side of Benfica. Because Chelsea, who was very close to enlisting him, was beginning to tread water in the negotiations. But on the last day, everything settled and the player ended up joining the Blues against a check for more than 120 million euros (the amount of his clause).

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If this transfer is obviously a big financial boost for Benfica, it is also a sporting loss since the player has not been replaced. But the supporters and management of the Lisbon club risk quickly forgetting the Argentinian international. The Portuguese press revealed that the player threatened to skip training and stop playing if Benfica did not reach an agreement with Chelsea on a transfer. The president of the club, Rui Costa, has also confided that he tried to keep him during this transfer window. “Everything has been done so that this sale does not take place. I’m sad he’s gone but I have a clear conscience, I did what was best for Benfica. We tried not to sell it during the season. But he expressed a desire not to stay. From the beginning, we feared that someone would settle his clause. And every time Chelsea approached him, he showed he didn’t want to stay. We discussed a raise, an offer was made. But we never managed to convince him.he explained.

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And the former Portugal legend then took the opportunity to turn on the attitude of Enzo Fernandez afterwards. “I respect his decision. I respect the fear of losing a big contract. But he didn’t show any commitment to Benfica. As a fan I didn’t want this player anymore, as a manager he wasn’t a solution either and couldn’t come into the dressing room anymore. This is where I made the decision to sell. Enzo was treated well here, from his arrival until his departure. I hoped it would give him the desire to fight for the title. But we want a team that is committed to the supporters. We lost a great player, yes, but we’re not going to mourn a player who doesn’t want to be at Benfica. Here we only want players who respect Benfica.”, he launched for Benfica TV when taking stock of the transfer window. That is clear.

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