Becky Lynch Talks Main Eventing WrestleMania With Ronda Rousey


The SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch was a recent guest on the Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness where she talked about her rivalry with Raw champion Ronda Rousey, and their potential WrestleMania showdown. When E&C asked about her thoughts on the feud being the main event, The Man wasn’t shy of giving her honest opinion.

Absolutely it can happen this year and I will say it for this reason and it’s not about gender… It’s about who are the most popular and interesting Superstars that we have on the roster and right now, I can’t think of two people that have higher ratings and interest in them than myself and Ronda. So for that reason and that reason alone, we should be the main event and if anybody else can step up and drum up as much interest in the meantime, well then my goodness please – please – have at it, but that’s not gonna happen because that’s my spot and I’m not letting anybody else take it…

I’ve drummed up more interest than anybody else in recent memory – than anybody else, and it’s across the board. On TV, on social media, on backstage interviews, on whatever interviews, on the Edge & Christian podcast, I’ve been drumming up interest left, right, and center… I think that there’s only one person that can step up to that plate. There’s only one person that’s ‘The Man’ and ‘The Man’ should be main eventing WrestleMania.

It has to be the main event, and look, here’s the thing, you can be the chosen one all you like, right, but we are out there in front of thousands of people a night, millions of people on TV, and I think that they should be the people that choose who’s the main event of WrestleMania and that’s what they’ve done.

Lynch then gives her prediction on who would win between her and Rousey.

My prediction is that I back up what I say like I have done the past few months and that I’m gonna walk out of there as the Women’s Champion, so if we look at the trajectory, I’ll probably be the double champ: champ champ. I’m gonna walk out there as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the RAW Women’s Champion. I’m gonna carry the whole company on my back and just walk right out of there like a donkey.

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