Becky Lynch On Her Ideal Tag Partner & Her Desire To Headline With Sasha Banks


Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Sky Sports. During the interview, she revealed that Asuka is the wrestler she’d most like to tag with, and Sasha Banks is the wrestler she’d most like to headline against. Here are the highlights:

Becky On Her Ideal Ally:

I think Asuka is a killer, right? So I’d like to partner up with a killer. I’d absolutely like to face her in the ring as well. She’s a killer, I’ll kill her.

Becky On Her Dream Match:

Sasha Banks is one of my favorite people to be in the ring with. She’s fantastic, a wonderful athlete. It would be a great match. One of my favorite matches, and my coming out match, was myself against her at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. She won that match, and times have changed, so I would like to prove to her who the man is.

You can watch the full Sky Sports interview with Becky Lynch below:

Credit: Sky Sports. H/T WrestlingInc.

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