Becky Lynch Gives Her Thoughts On Fans Who Call Her Overrated & More


Becky Lynch recently sat down with “Arizona Republic” for an interview. During the interview, she revealed her frustration with fans that refer to her as overrated and more. Here are the highlights:

On What She Expects To Happen At The Royal Rumble:

The first thing that goes into my mind is how I can plan some hijinks. How can I take the show? I’m gonna take back that championship and make it the most talked about title in all of the WWE and the world.

On Being Frustrated By Fans Who Call Her Overrated:

I keep hearing now that I’m “overrated.” I don’t think I even know what that really means. Does it mean that I’m not what you think i should be? I’m working my (rear) off and delivering what I say and get a reaction every single time. What does that mean? Of course it’s only from a few loud people. And that’s naturally gonna happen as you rise up the ranks.

On Her Character’s Evolution:

I’ve evolved from people always seeing me as a bit naive to going out there and telling the truth regardless of the consequences. I’m doing what it takes to be on top. I say what I’m thinking and what everyone else is, too. I, at least, have the courage and bravery to do that.

On What It’s Like To Be “The Man”:

It’s pretty damn good. People have responded so well to that and it feels good to stand up and own who you are.

You can read the full interview with Becky Lynch by clicking HERE

Credit: Arizona Republic.

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