Becky Lynch Fights With UFC Fighter On Twitter, Steve Austin On Roman Reigns


– UFC Fighter, Cris Cyborg (Cristiane Justino), retweeted Triple H and said to keep Becky Lynch away from her because, “Ireland can’t handle another star losing this Summer.” Becky then reminded her that probably won’t happen, since Dana White doesn’t let Cyborg do much of anything these days.

– Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns and the feud between former tag partners Big Cass and Enzo Amore.

– On the subject of Reigns, Austin praised ‘The Big Dog”s look and his in-ring work. According to ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’, Reigns’ storylines have been hit or miss, but he enjoyed Reigns’ program with AJ Styles.

“I think he [has] got a great physique, a good looking guy, a pretty damn good worker. Storylines have been kind of on and off, hot/cold. Roman Reigns in and of himself, I think he has ‘star’ written all over him. He has still got to find his way. He still has to climb his way up the ladder. He’s built to take the road. He’s always in shape. He doesn’t get gassed out in his matches. There’s a lot to like about the guy, so when they came out as The Shield, those three guys, him, Seth [Rollins], and Dean Ambrose, when they came out as The Shield, they were really hot as heels. And all of a sudden, they split them up. And Roman, I don’t know, came out of that… All of those guys had to find their way and Vince [McMahon] kind of picked him to be the babyface and because of the response he was getting when he hit the ring. He really draws your attention. If they get his storylines straightened out, I think the kid’s going to be fine. I just think they need to keep running him like they’re running him. He’s doing [well] in the ring. I loved his matches with AJ.”

In Austin’s view, Reigns should not be turned heel for its own sake, as it should be done organically if at all.

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