Beatrix Playable at GBFVR Evo Japan 2024


EVO Japan will be kicking off very soon! It’s going to be one of the biggest tournaments yet for the latest Granblue fighting game. The GBFVR EVO Japan tournament will be a fun outing and a chance to measure how far the meta’s come in its early months. We’ll likely see most of the best Japanese and international players showing up here.

Along with the actual tournaments, there are some other exciting elements at EVO Japan. That includes being able to try out a brand-new character for GBFVR at EVO Japan! Beatrix has been a pretty popular character in the franchise as a whole, coming to GBFVR will definitely make a lot of long-time fans happy. Players will have the chance to try the character out directly at the tournament.

GBFVR EVO Japan 2024

Source: @gbvs_offical

Beatrix Playable at GBFVR Evo Japan 2024

Cygames have shown off what they’ll have available at EVO Japan. This will obviously include the major tournament. However, the Cygames Booth will also feature Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising setups where you can play the brand-new character. Beatrix will be active in these games throughout the weekend.

She won’t be active in the tournament itself though! EVO Japan will be the height of competitive action for the region, just like the EVO tournament in North America. Throwing a new character in here would definitely be a bad move. Having them playable at the event though should mean the news on how they handle and play filters down in the build-up to the character actually releasing.

In community polls for the Granblue Fantasy franchise, Beatrix has always placed highly. She’ll be the next DLC fighter coming to the game, likely in part thanks to these great results. A popular character isn’t always guaranteed to play well in-game. However, we’ll get our first look at how competitive they are over EVO Japan 2024 along with seeing which players come out on top in the tournament itself.

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