Bayley Possibly Changing Her Character


Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, Steve Austin talked with Bayley about her ongoing struggles on WWE Monday Night RAW and the “weird spot” she finds herself in. Austin related his infamous heel turn at WrestleMania 17 to Bayley’s present crossroads. Bayley also shared advice she received from fellow RAW talent Seth Rollins and discussed possible changes she could make to her sports entertainment person.

According to Bayley, she is in a “weird spot” in her WWE career and she needs to find a way to evolve.

“I guess it’s time to evolve because I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for the last four years, but you always need to evolve. And I plan on doing this for a really long time, so I know it needs to go just like different directions, maybe a different attitude. I guess I’m coming off of my Extreme Rules match with Alexa Bliss where I didn’t use the kendo stick on her, so… and it’s time for me to evolve and kind of see where else, different avenues, I can go as my character.”

Bayley said she asked Rollins for advice in the wake of his own babyface turn and ‘The Dragonslayer’ said he just tries to be ‘Stone Cold’.

“This is going to sound like a loser too. So one time, I was talking to Seth about, he was a heel for a long time. Then, he turned baby. I was watching his matches, I think, when I first got on the road and I was watching his matches and he was just so good at being a babyface already and he had just been a heel and I asked him, ‘how did you, I know you’ve been at it for a long time already, but how did you just make it seem so easy, the switch, the transition, because it’s so different?’ And he was like, ‘I just try to be like ‘Stone Cold’.

Bayley indicated that she would consider changing her look and getting more aggressive in the ring.

“Just kick ass. Just be a bad ass. I think I need a little bit of that in the ring.” Bayley added, “so maybe a combination of more aggression and changing my look a little bit could be cool. That’s just kind of how I’m feeling.”

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