Bayley made her childhood dream


Bayley made her childhood dream of becoming a WWE Women’s Champion come true, and it was an amazing moment for everyone. Charlotte Flair was devastated at losing her title, and Sasha Banks could not have been happier for her friend, but it may soon come crashing down. Rumors were swirling that Bayley may end up having the title stripped from her, and now, it appears that is the way things are heading.

For those that watched last week’s Raw, they were able to see an amazing moment happen with the sheer elation Bayley showed as she held her newly won title in the air. Fans cheered her on as she had defeated “The Queen” at her own game, but the excitement may end up being very short-lived.

wwe rumors bayley stripped title charlotte flair monday night raw win sasha banks
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WWE Insiders reported the rumor that a storyline may begin on Monday Night Raw to strip Bayley of the title. Charlotte will cause a fuss, or WWE management may step in and say that the title win wasn’t exactly legal since Sasha Banks interfered on behalf of Bayley.

Now, it could be argued that Dana Brooke interfered on Charlotte’s behalf as well, but the former champion could simply say that a disqualification needed to be called before the pinfall. It doesn’t seem that far out there, and now, WWE is acknowledging that something is wrong as well.

This week’s Raw preview from the official website of WWE even asks the question – “Is Bayley’s Raw Women’s Championship victory tainted?” Along with that, they share a tweet exchanged between the former champion and new champion.

WWE does point out that Sasha Banks was evening the sides up since Dana Brooke had come down to interfere in the first place, but Charlotte does have a point. Obviously, Bayley would not want to win a title that wasn’t totally done on her own, but it’s going to be hard to take the belt away from her after she waited so long to win it.

Still, that does seem like the direction that WWE is going in for this week’s Monday Night Raw.

wwe rumors bayley stripped title charlotte flair monday night raw win sasha banks
[Image by WWE]

If the pinfall is voided and the Raw Women’s Championship is given back to Charlotte Flair on Raw, expect this to start leading straight into WrestleMania 33. Bayley may end up feeling a bit of resentment toward her good friend Sasha Banks, and that is what could get the storyline to the rumored Fatal 4-Way at the big pay-per-view.

Fans of WWE know that it isn’t like this would be the first-ever title to change hands due to outside interference. Running this storyline, though, makes a lot of sense because it would set the stage at WrestleMania 33 for Bayley to be the ultimate underdog with an incredible victory.

With that match likely set for the biggest PPV of the year, Fastlane could bring about a women’s tag team match that will add even more fuel to the fire. Tonight’s Raw takes place from Los Angeles and if the title is taken away from the California-born Bayley, look for her to become the biggest babyface possible.

If Bayley does have the Raw Women’s Championship stripped from her after that dramatic victory last week, it will instantly shoot her into the babyface atmosphere. Charlotte Flair is already seen as the ultimate women’s heel in WWE, but getting the title handed back to her on a technicality would bring her to her father’s level of fan hatred. With the rumors now being teased by WWE, it does seem like that evil storyline is coming on Monday Night Raw.

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