Bayley Has An Idea To Change Her Character And Heel Turn


– Here are more highlights from Bayley’s interview on The Steve Austin Show:

Bayley and Steve Austin break down her incredible NXT Takeover:

Brooklyn match against Sasha Banks. Hear what Steve loved about it, what Bayley thought she could have done better, and what surprised them both. Bayley also has some thoughts on the evolution of her WWE character and what exactly that means for her young fans! Plus, Bayley’s plans for the future outside the squared circle!

An Idea To Change Her Character:

“It’s not necessarily turning from a good guy to a bad guy, or anything, but even if it was as simple as taking my ponytail out and just having my hair down, or cutting my hair, or having different gear. Just something a little different I think I need. That’s, just change my look. Just evolve a little bit. Maybe change a little bit of things in the ring.”

On almost pitching a heel turn:

“There was one day when I was like, ‘I’m gonna pitch this. I’m gonna do it. I wanna be a heel.’ And then I went out for our match that night, and there was just, I saw maybe five or six girls dressed up like me, and we had met girls before the show who were in tears just meeting us. And I was like, ‘Ok, no. I can’t do it. If I turn my back on them, I don’t know what would happen.’”

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