Bayley Addresses Her Injury On Raw


– Cole talks about Bayley being pulled from SummerSlam due to her separated shoulder. She will address the injury tonight. We see Bayley walking backstage in a sling.

Charly points out how Bayley didn’t even watch the replay. She brings up Bayley being pulled from the WWE SummerSlam card. Bayley says she hasn’t watched the replay because it will just anger her. She felt the injury when it happened and knew something wasn’t right but she was determined to finish the match. She looked forward to proving RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss wrong at SummerSlam. She’s usually a happy person but she sat at home all week on the couch and went through the wave of emotions. She says this is going to sound cheesy right now but she saw tweets and posts that cheered her back up. Fans start booing her. Bayley acknowledges the boos and says she thanks the ones who supported her, and she will be back on top for them. More boos. Charly mentions how there will be two Triple Threat matches to determine a new #1 contender. Charly asks Bayley who she thinks will face Bliss. She says she’s going with the one who deserves it. Her friend, Sasha Banks.

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