Baron Corbin on Rubbing Fans the Wrong Way with Social Media, His New WrestleMania 36 Goal, More


King Baron Corbin recently spoke with Digital Spy to promote WWE SmackDown and said he looks forward to rubbing fans the wrong way on social media.

“I’ve always had thick skin,” Corbin said. “I’m lucky I guess because people can’t hurt my feelings. Social media is kind of a double-edged sword because you do deal with so much negativity it’s ridiculous. But I also think that those people are going to be negative regardless. There’s nothing you can do to please these people, but the good thing is they’re also telling you what they don’t like, so you can use that in your character.

“Like I put on a suit vest and everybody on social media said, ‘He looks ridiculous, why does he have a suit vest? I hate the suit vest.’ So what am I going to do? I’m going to wear the suit vest. That’s my job, my job is to irritate you and you’re telling me how.”

Corbin admitted it feels good to be done with the dress shirts WWE had him wrestling in before. He commented on how bad it was to wrestle in the dress shirts and jeans.

“It was so hot,” Corbin said. “I had to stay in the dress shirt so I started searching all these companies for the right dress shirt because I would tear them and as soon as I would start sweating they stick to you and it was ridiculous. But I finally found a good one, but the jeans were really hot too. So it was just a very hot experience every time I was out there, but I got used to it after a few weeks. And now I’m free of the dress shirts. I feel fantastic.”

Corbin looked back to how he started appearing in a lot more talking segments on WWE TV, and how that character shift garnered a lot of fan backlash. Corbin said he was looking for that reaction, and as a performer, the shift gave him a lot more room for growth than his previous character did. He said it was the best thing he could have done.

“For me, it was the best thing I could have done,” Corbin said of the character shift. “I think it gave people an opportunity to hear me, it gave me an opportunity to kind of find my own way with the microphone. When I was just that kind of angry metal biker it was something that maybe not everyone could connect to, good or bad. People enjoyed the look and thought I was cool, but when I got the microphone and got to go, I got a chance for people to really hate me and that’s hard to do nowadays.

“You always have a fear of overexposure and I think it was the right amount for me to really get under people’s skin, so I think it was done perfectly and it just really helped me to grow as a character. Now I’m not worried if they give me a long promo, I know I can do it because I opened Raws with segment-long promos. I think they just threw me in the fire to see what I can do and I think I crushed it. Now I’m much more confident with everything I’m doing because I hadn’t really done anything like that before. So, you know now I’ve sung a lullaby on Raw, I’ve done eight promos in one night and sometimes they change 30 seconds before you do them, so really helps you just to be on your A game.”

Corbin also revealed his current goal now that he’s won King of the Ring – to be in a title match at WrestleMania 36.

“I want to be in a championship match at WrestleMania,” Corbin said. “So that’s the goal and I think being King Corbin I can get that done. I can achieve that, it puts me on a level that I can compete for a title at WrestleMania because I think that’s the next step up. I don’t want to move backwards or laterally, so I want to find a moment whether it’s taking the Intercontinental Title from somebody, the US title or the World Heavyweight. It’s what I want and I want to be in that prime spot and to keep rolling.”

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