Backstage Updates On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Future And What’s Preventing A Deal


As noted, Rey Mysterio returned to WWE TV in the men’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday under a one-time deal. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the appearance could definitely end up being more dates but Rey is not going to work a full schedule. WWE and Rey have had on and off talks for the past year but the main issue has been WWE wanting Rey back under a full-time schedule.

The loud pops that Rey received did catch the attention of WWE officials, according to PWInsider. This is also helping the chances of WWE bringing him back for more dates.

WWE and Mysterio both went to great lengths to keep Sunday’s appearance a secret, as WWE did with Ronda Rousey and some of the other special appearances.

Rey remains a free agent as his Lucha Underground deal expired and his recent talks with Impact ended without a deal. The talks with Impact, led by Konnan, were so close to coming to a deal that travel arrangements were made. There was talk of Impact getting Rey to debut at the recent TV tapings but officials wanted Rey to debut at their April tapings with the idea of his in-ring debut coming at the April 22nd Redemption pay-per-view.

It will be interesting to see if Rey’s future with WWE or Impact depends on a potential deal for his 21 year old son Dominick, who has appeared on WWE TV a few times over the years, as Rey has been training his son for a pro wrestling run as of late.

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