Backstage Reactions to WWE’s Liv Morgan Documentary and Creative Issues


The recent “Liv Forever” WWE Network documentary on Liv Morgan has been praised and criticized within WWE over the past week, according to Fightful Select.

Morgan is said to be well-received as always, but the stop-start creative booking, changing of plans and broken promises were something that multiple WWE talents on the main roster, from the top to the bottom of the card, highlighted when speaking to Fightful.

One wrestler noted that they fear missing any time because they’re concerned that they might not get back on the show, and if you allow yourself to be booked poorly one week, that’s the direction your booking is usually going to go in the weeks that follow.

Regarding the creative issues in the documentary, another veteran talent said they’re shocked that WWE was willing to put something like that on display as it paints them in such a negative light, especially considering how carefully they craft everything else.

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