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Backstage Notes on CM Punk’s Pro Wrestling Future


CM Punk’s pro wrestling future is up in the air, but it’s believed that he will still be able to make big bucks on the signing circuit.

Punk is still on the shelf with an injury suffered at AEW All Out, and there continues to be talk of a contract buy-out due to the All Out backstage fight, as well as potential litigation. It’s been reported that most people do not expect Punk to return to AEW, but that has not confirmed. Former AEW Producer and Punk’s longtime friend was let go a few weeks back for his role in the All Out fight, and AEW Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are imminently returning to the storylines following their suspension for the incident.

A new report from Fightful Select confirms a recent Wrestling Inc report that currently there is no active litigation against Punk. Furthermore, there are no working plans to bring Punk back to the company.

It was recently noted how a WWE source indicated the company would likely be interested in possibly working with Punk again. Since then, representatives from multiple pro wrestling companies have said they would at least be interested in having talks with Punk, but they aren’t sure of how motivated he’d be to continue.

With that said, several people on the signing circuit have said they still expect there to be a big demand for Punk to make appearances, if he’s available.

One source close to Punk said they would not rule out him wrestling in the future, and they claimed he “got the wrestling bug again.”

It was also said that Punk is a long way from even being able to wrestle again due to his torn left triceps injury, and considering all the moving parts with his AEW status, they aren’t sure if he will still feel that way when things are done. The source close to Punk indicated that it’s been made clear to them, that at least options will be available if and when Punk wants to wrestle again.

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