Backstage Notes and Reactions to the New WWE – Peacock Deal


As noted, WWE and NBCUniversal announced a multi-year agreement today that will see Peacock become the exclusive new home to the WWE Network in the United States. It’s been reported that the deal is worth more than $1 billion over 5 years.

One WWE talent noted to Fightful Select that they see this bringing a massive profit to the company, and the first impressions were of the deal bringing additional eyes to the product. Another top talent took a more pessimistic approach to the deal, and said they didn’t care where they were distributed unless it affects their pay. Still, no negativity came from that conversation as the talent acknowledged that this is a big move for the company.

It was also noted that talks have been going on since at least January 2020 to migrate the WWE Network to another streaming platform. Several people within WWE actually expected a move to happen much sooner than this, but understood with the state of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, the move was easier said than done from a negotiating standpoint.

Stay tuned for more on the new WWE Network – Peacock deal.

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