Backstage News On ‘Why WWE Bringing Back Starrcade’


– As noted, The Greensboro Coliseum announced that the Saturday, November 25th live event will feature a Starrcade theme, the first since 2000.

Bryan Alvarez from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter alleged that this was only a counter measure against a legends convention that would be taking place, that very weekend. This is the legends convention, that Starrcade is up against.

According to Alvarez, WWE decided to bring the tradition of ‘Starrcade’ back to The Greensboro Coliseum to counter the Wrestlecade event.

Wrestlecade features ‘100+ wrestling stars from yesterday, today and tomorrow’, including legends who are proven draws such as Mick Foley. It takes place not very far from the Greensboro Coliseum.

The event even cashed in on the craziness of Starrcade, as they tweeted the following out to Cody Rhodes, whose father helped create the tradition.

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