Backstage News On RAW Superstar Possibly Going Back To NXT


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The incident involving Enzo Amore that “broke the camel’s back” according toWrestling Observer Newsletter, was him being overheard on the phone saying things perceived as negative about the wrestling business, while also bragging about how much money he was making [in WWE] to that person.

It was reported last month that Amore had significant backstage heat and was kicked off a tour bus by Roman Reigns. The story was brought up on WWE Network’s “Bring it to the Table,” where JBL said “the odds are completely against Enzo [Amore]” making it in WWE due to his backstage heat.

In that same episode, Corey Graves revealed he personally doesn’t like Amore. He said “Amore is exactly like his character 24 hours a day; with him being loud and abrasive and talking about who he partied with in Los Angeles getting old”. However, Graves stated he feels Amore is valuable to the company.

There has been talk of moving Amore back to NXT, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The idea is that it would be away from Vince McMahon where he can be a big name talent who can help sell tickets to road shows or they could move him to 205 Live. Graves stated on “Bring it to the Table” that he feels Amore should be moved to 205 Live.

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