Backstage News on WWE Getting Aggressive In Signing Indie Talents, MLW Talents Approached


The MLW (Major League Wrestling) promotion has made several significant moves over the past year or so and it looks like WWE has taken notice.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE has gotten aggressive when it comes to trying to sign indie talents and that MLW is the target as they recently signed a TV deal. It’s worth noting that the key talents in MLW already have signed contracts for multiple years.

There have been reports of WWE approaching several talents under contract to MLW and according to legal papers that have been sent, these talents advised MLW of the offers from WWE, and told WWE that they were already under contract. WWE reportedly told the wrestlers that they should still come to a tryout and be around the developmental system.

No word yet on what will come of this but in the past, in part due to what happened with Ring of Honor, WWE would back off when approaching talents under contract, The Observer adds. They would still get word indirectly to the talents to tell them not to renew their deals but it sounds like they are getting more aggressive in trying to pick talents up. The Observer notes that a big part in all of this may have been MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) signing with MLW.

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