Backstage News on WWE Creative Plans for Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon Asking for More Input?, Kevin Owens’ New Storyline


There was said to be a lot of backstage praise for this week’s WWE SmackDown promo from Kevin Owens, according to As noted, the anti-Shane McMahon promo also received a lot of praise from fans and wrestlers online.

It was also said that WWE officials do realize that they are putting Shane on TV too much, and they are paying more attention to what fans are saying about the product on social media.

The Owens promo is reportedly the start of a new angle that will phase Shane out of the weekly storylines. We’ve noted how Owens has wanted a strong babyface run for some time now, and the idea behind the latest turn is that he is speaking up for the fans, who have had it with Shane being “shoved in their faces” each week. It’s also expected that some of the names Owens mentioned in his promo on Tuesday, such as Liv Morgan, Ali and Buddy Murphy, among others, are expected to get more TV time soon.

The continued decline in TV ratings has reportedly forced Vince McMahon to ask for more input, and he’s said to be listening to the criticism more than ever.

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