Austin Theory Talks Calling Out John Cena, His WWE Tryout, Pressure He Feels To Succeed


In a new interview with WSVN-TV Miami, EVOLVE champion Austin Theory commented on his recent online interaction with John Cena, and why he called out the former 16x world champion in a recent promo. Theory also talks about his recent tryout with the WWE, and how he deals with the overwhelming pressure that’s put on him to succeed.

His reaction to John Cena posting his photo on Instagram:
Well you know, he doesn’t tag anybody in the photos he posts but obviously a lot of fans saw it and they tagged me. Waking up and seeing that was pretty surreal just because of how I got into wrestling, it was because of John Cena. Being 8-years old and wearing tennis armbands on my arms, not actually getting the John Cena merch because I didn’t have the money for it. Wearing a camo hat and camouflage shorts and stuff like that. Him kind of being a role model for me and waking up and seeing that was surreal.
Why he called out John Cena in his Evolve Wrestling promo:
Why not? Like why not go after the top? Not the middle, not someone who is kind of at the top but the top guy and that’s John Cena.
His 4-day WWE tryout at the Performance Center:
I remember walking in and feeling the intimidation and how serious it was and being told how big of a global company it was and stuff like that. And then walking in the second day and being told ‘If you guys don’t have personality then why are you here?’ It was cool just kind of coming out of your shell on that second day. The workouts are brutal but it really tests your heart and what I respect about it is just going in there and people will say they’ll do anything to have that job but that really shows that whatever they say, they mean that word of their. I just feel like it’s a true test to whether you want to be in the WWE or not.
How he feels about the pressure on him to succeed:
Absolutely, but I love the pressure because I feel like when you don’t have pressure you tend to just stay stagnant where nothing’s going on. But I feel like with that pressure it puts you in that situation where you’re either going to stay the same or you’re going to become better and that’s all I want to do is to be the best.
Check out Theory’s full interview below.

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