Austin Aries Blames Fans For His WWE Firing


Austin Aries returned to action for House of Hardcore this past weekend. Aries appeared at last night’s House of Hardcore 35 event in Philadelphia, which aired live on Twitch.

The truth behind why Austin Aries was fired:

“The truth behind why Austin Aries was fired isn’t because creative couldn’t find nothing for me, how do you not find something creative for Austin f–king Aries?” Aries asked. “The truth is, I got let go because I probably deserved to be. They didn’t find anything for me because they didn’t want to find anything for me because I was f–king miserable. ”

The crowd started to get impatient during the 12+ minute promo, often booing Aries and chanting “sh-t the f–k up!” Aries called out some of the fans booing, before saying that his firing was his fault although WWE brought out the worst in him.

“I competed at WrestleMania 33, and I’m telling you, leading up to what should have been the biggest moment of my life, I couldn’t find an ounce of joy,” Aries continued. “That’s when I realized, there was something wrong with me. In six months, I lost my job. Relationships with people I cared about were tarnished.”

The fans started chanting “boring”, and Aries challenged them to come into the ring to shut him up. Aries said that he’s going to take ownership of his life and that he’s a babyface because “I’m a compassionate mother f–ker who cares about people.” Aries said that he’s decided that moving forward, he’s not going to be “The Greatest Man Alive” but rather the greatest man he can be, and that involves learning the truth about yourself. He said that because of House of Hardcore and most of the crowd, he no longer has to be angry and he can “finally by free.”

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