ATP legend defends Novak Djokovic


Undoubtedly, the favorite tennis player to win at the Australian Open is the nine-time champion in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic. Many words have revolved around the Serbian champion, who did not participate in the Australian event last year due to his refusal to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. This decision of his has caused a lot of controversy, exclusion from the tournament and criticism from many fans who have not digested and accepted his decision. The general director of the tournament, Craig Tiley, had commented on the news of the participation of the 21-time Grand Slam champion in the Major that he directed: “I only hope that people enjoy the tournament and know how to recognize the successes and sacrifices. We are a company dedicated to Australian athletes, but we also know how to reward the great leaders of world sport. I hope they give the tennis players a fair welcome, Djokovic included.” Tiley also recently issued a stern warning to opponents of the Serbian champion, saying they would be thrown out of the venue if they booed and berated the Serb during their matches at the event. Stan Wawrinka, winner of the tournament in 2014, would instead be softer with fans in the stands expressing their assent or civil dissent: The Swiss three-time Slam champion explained: “If they cross the line, then yes, but I think they should be allowed to do whatever they want. They do it every year with all the players. Such is tennis. Such is this sport. Obviously, things happened with Novak last year, and I think there were a lot of mistakes. I think they won’t boo him.” Novak Djokovic is optimistic ahead of success at the 2023 Australian Open. “It’s just numbers at the end of the day,” said Novak Djokovic.

Boris Becker praises Djokovic

Tennis legend Boris Becker supported Novak Djokovic for his reaction to being heckled during his match against qualifier Enzo Couacaud. “You know who it is, the guy is drunk out of his mind, from the first point he’s been provoking, provoking! He’s not here to watch tennis, he just wants to get in my head. You’ve heard him at least 10 times, I’ve heard him 50 times, what are you going to do about it? Why don’t you get him out of the stadium?” an exasperated Novak Djokovic said to the umpire. “I can understand him. If four or five boozy fans come to the court with the motivation to disturb Novak during many points, then the referee has to intervene at some point because it becomes unfair”, the German said while speaking to Eurosport.

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