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Arn Anderson Speaks Of The Importance Of Undertaker’s Streak, How Wrestlers Backstage Reacted When It Ended


AEW manager and former multi-time champion Arn Anderson spoke with Inside the Ropes to discuss Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, and how many backstage seemed to be upset with Anderson since he was a booker at the time. Anderson also explains how important the streak was for the Deadman’s legacy, and the legacy of WrestleMania. Highlights are below.

Talks how important the streak was:

My opinion, and I’ve said this from day one… At about the the ten-year mark of the Undertaker, I started to see that that streak was the biggest thing at WrestleMania. It was bigger than the World Title, it was bigger than the Intercontinental Title, it was bigger than any issue that they might have, any personal issue. It got bigger than life and it became its own thing. And I said then, ‘This guy deserves to walk away from the business with the streak intact.’ That one match that year, he was unbeatable. I could get behind that, you could get behind that, and you would never have to beat the guy on that day. I’m sure that that was discussed in a lot of closed door meetings.

How many backstage were upset after Lesnar defeated Taker at Mania 30:

Trust me, the night that it went down, I had already went up to where the talent viewing area was and the guys had their families and were having a few drinks, and that thing went down, when the streak was broken, and everybody looked at me like they wanted to kill me! This is the backstage inside story. Miz and Heath Slater and all these guys are looking at me and I’m like, “I didn’t do it! What are you mad at me about?” But they really was like… “What the hell was that all about?” And it didn’t matter who the opponent was, it shouldn’t have been anybody. I think a lot of talent feel that way.

Full interview is below.

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