Arn Anderson Says WWE Should Have Turned Rusev Babyface When He Was White Hot


On the latest episode of his ARN podcast, AEW manager and producer Arn Anderson spoke about former WWE superstar Miro (Rusev) and criticized WWE for not turning him babyface at the height of his popularity, specifically during the “Rusev Day” era. Anderson explains that when a talent is that loved by fans there is no need to wait to give them what they want.

Well, I didn’t particularly want Rusev to turn babyface myself, but the fans, when they call for it, jump on it. Don’t wait for three weeks, don’t wait for two weeks, don’t wait a month. If they suddenly are clamoring for a particular talent for whatever reason, even if it was something that just happened last week that made them think completely different about the talent and so this week just seemingly out of nowhere, they start cheering for a guy. I say put the flames to it, put the pedal down, and go with it. Don’t wait until it cools off again and then wonder why it didn’t get over. And that’s what I saw happening, and it was one of those things that – Rusev Day got over. But it just kind of sat there in neutral for so long that it just kind of teetered out. The best word I can say, when you get a guy like that who the fans suddenly get behind, the office should get behind them too.

You can listen to the Enforcer’s full thoughts here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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