Arn Anderson Says The Spinebuster He Gave To Undertaker AT WrestleMania 18 Was His Favorite All-Time, Talks Involvement In The Match


AEW manager and producer Arn Anderson recently spoke to Inside the Ropes about his involvement in the WrestleMania 18 showdown between The Undertaker and Ric Flair, and how the spinebuster he delivered to the Deadman was one of his favorite all-time. Highlights are below.

Says the spinebuster he delivered on the Undertaker at WrestleMania 18 was his favorite of all-time:

Well, people ask me – what is my favorite spinebuster of all time? I don’t think there’s one that’s in second place. That was it.

How the execution of the move really had the audience believe Ric Flair could win:

I think the key was I got down there without being seen. it was like I just magically appear, “Boof!” I was there And the setup was so good and all the pieces of the puzzle were so good, referee’s down, the spinebuster looked pretty convincing, I think. When I rolled out and hit the floor, everybody in that building thought, “Oh, God, they’re going to pull this off! It was actually set up well enough that, “That’s it. That’s going to be it.” And when he kicked out, it was almost like a gasp, a sigh of relief, but that’s the thing that was so special about it, it was done in a way that the audience believes, ‘Oh, God, here it comes.’

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