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Arn Anderson Names His Favorite Match He’s Seen This Year, Thoughts On Will Hobbs


AEW producer and manager Arn Anderson held a Q&A on the latest episode of his ARN podcast to discuss all things pro-wrestling. During the show the Enforcer would name his favorite match of 2020 and give his thoughts on rising star Will Hobbs. Highlights are below.

Says his favorite match he’s seen this year is Kenny Omega vs. Penta El Cero M from Dynamite:

“Favorite match this year? Yup, and people are probably gonna chew my ass out about it but I don’t care. I like what I like. A couple of weeks back, it was a part of the [AEW World Title Eliminator] tournament. Kenny Omega and Pentagon had a singles match, qualifying match. You liked it too [Conrad Thompson]? The knock and part of my knock on all young talent, it’s not the incredible stuff they do. It’s the fact that they don’t feature it enough and sell it properly and put it in critical parts of the match to where they’re game changers. They [Omega & Pentagon] did all that. They slowed it down, they sold every spectacular thing that they did to each other. I felt it, I saw the match dipping back and forth between each guy, you know, being in control and I loved it. I thought it was phenomenal and the athleticism, the thought process and everything that you wanted. The selling, the storytelling, I thought was fantastic. That’s the best one I’ve seen lately.”

On Will Hobbs:

“I got nothing but time for that young man. He came up to me his first day there [AEW] and he is friends with Big Zeke [Ezekiel Jackson], remember Zeke? Traps out the ass Zekiel? Yeah, they’re friends and he said, ‘Zeke sent you a message’ and all that and we starting talking and the kid’s got a great attitude and he is a big dude, as well. Moves good, powerful. I think he’s gonna have a good career. I think they like him at AEW. He’s signed I believe so, he has a very huge upside looking at him. He’s a good man from what I can tell, very respectful of the business. He’s been very respectful to me. I will help him any way I can.”

Check out the full episode of ARN here. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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