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Arn Anderson Discusses Undertaker As A Locker Room Leader, The TNT Title, Who Would Play Him In A Biopic


During an episode of the Arn Podcast, Arn Anderson answered questions submitted by his listeners. Arn was asked if he was ever the producer for the Undertaker’s matches. Arn explains that he was rarely picked because Michael Hayes normally got the job.

“You know what, Michael Hayes had that spot bottled up, and it was because he was with him before I got there. I may have had a couple of matches. Probably a handful, but that’s about it. And it was always a pleasure, because there’s a guy who was the judge if you went to ‘Wrestler’s Court’ (and) for good reason, the most respected guy in that locker room. And it wasn’t because he was the tallest, or toughest, or made the most money. It’s because of the way he applied himself to his craft, and how he always wanted to be the best he could, and bring out the best he could in you.

Anderson also discussed the TNT Championship which is currently held by Brodie Lee of the Dark Order.

It’s too early yet to tell. The man makes the championship, the championship does not make the man. So, going by where the champion goes from here, the wars he goes into, how many of those he survives and prevails, how the championship is respected and treated, that all comes from the talent.

He was also asked who would play him if a movie was ever made about his life.

Well since everybody claims I don’t age, if you could figure out a way for me to be in a diaper and a beard, I’d just play myself. It’s like the Benjamin Button thing, once I got to 40 I was just stuck there. When I got to 40 I was 40, and when I got to 60 I was still 40.

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