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Arn Anderson Breaks Down Royal Rumble Booking, The Importance Of Separating Surprises From Top Stars, Eliminations Meaning Something and more


AEW manager and producer Arn Anderson spoke about booking a Royal Rumble matchup on the latest episode of his ARN podcast. The Enforcer breaks down the importance of eliminations, making stars feel special, and separating surprises away from regular talent. Highlights are below.

The importance of separating surprises from superstars:

Well, an hour or so is a long time to watch a match. You’ve got to be careful that you separate your surprises from your superstars. You’re going to have your day to day talent that need to be in there too, that have earned the right to be in the Rumble.

How everyone needs to feel special when they come through the curtain:

Certainly the prize [is special], the main event of WrestleMania? Make sure everybody that comes through the curtain special, it could literally be anybody. The key is not to have the ring too full at any one time. [You need to] figure out what four or five guys you’re going to feature and come up with something, and scatter it through the match to where you have some really big explosions and a roller coaster ride where you really feature some talent.

How stars can use eliminations as an accolade even if they don’t win the Rumble:

Eliminations at the Royal Rumble [are so important]. I think Kane had the record? Or it might have moved on to someone else but I think he had it for a long time. You know that’s something you walk away with if you don’t win the match, but if you had nine eliminations? It’s something you can hang your hat on going forward.

Check out Anderson’s full comments here. (H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)

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