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Arizona Cardinals have a great opportunity to change the culture and perception of their organization


Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
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Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim are out.

Who is in will play out over the next several days or maybe even weeks, knowing the history of the Arizona Cardinals, but one thing is certain, this is a pivotal offseason hire.

First off, the Arizona Cardinals should be able offer something very few teams can… time.

The team is locked into Kyler Murray for at least this season as he recovers from an ACL injury and looks to be back in October.

They have the third pick in the 2023 NFL Draft that has a handful of elite defensive prospects as well as some incredibly good offensive linemen, and the Cardinals had one of the worst defenses and offensive lines in football in 2022.

A coach will have the chance to add a legitimate difference maker on the defensive side of the ball early in 2023, and the available cap space and depth of interior offensive line in the 2023 NFL Draft could make the offensive line renovation a quick one.

That leaves the quarterback situation.

There is no quarterback worth moving on in this draft for, but there are some that you can look at in 2024 as legitimate options.

Which brings the reason this job should be an intriguing one.

You come in knowing that you are likely missing Kyler for a handful of games in 2023, meaning there is little pressure of success heading into that time, while you wait for the return of your quarterback.

When Kyler comes back, if he cannot regain his Pro Bowl form you should be in a position that allows you to make a play for a Caleb William, Drake Maye or a Quinn Ewers and are able to move on in 2024 or 2025 if you want to give the young quarterback time.

There is a nice two-year window to build, there are built-in road blocks that are known, which is rare for a head coach to come in and know where issues lie.

You make the right hire you change the culture and create a potential run of excitement, something fans in Arizona have to have in order to get them to invest in the team.

Fans will be here if you win. We know this is a front-running town, win and they are in, but the Cardinals have never sustained success.

Can they flip that?

Hiring from within will not inspire much confidence in that happening, but what else is to be expected from an organization that just fired the sixth winningest coach in franchise history with a paltry 28 wins in four seasons? This franchise has been around for a century and only seven coaches have made the playoffs.

Until you prove otherwise for longer than a two year span, this is the Arizona Cardinals that everyone knows and laughs at.

You have a chance to change that, will it happen?

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