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Arik Armstead isn’t worried about Nick Bosa


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Since his coach didn’t seem frustrated yesterday either, it’s probably more confidence the deal gets done.

The question on Nick Bosa came Tuesday, during Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch’s opening statements to start San Francisco 49ers training camp. Basically, they didn’t think he’d show up on Day 1. And it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Some people went nuts anyway. Let’s call it what it is, it’s a hold out, but there hasn’t been anything to go beyond that. There hasn’t been the “Bosa signed an agreement” statement or the threats of a trade. Just John Lynch’s simple, “We’re working on it.”

Relax. The deal is getting done. Just ask his teammate. Arik Armstead to show some confidence in a deal getting done.

I think Nick has told everyone, he knows what he did on the field and he knows how valuable of a player he is and he knows he’ll be compensated for it. I don’t htink he has a worry in his mind, and I don’t think we’re worried here either. The Niners have a great track record of taking care of people who do things the right way and are exceptional players and I’m sure that will get taken care of too. [He] definitely deserves it.

The 49ers have managed to keep themselves out of cap hell, unlike the organization down south. Contrary to what you may have heard, the 49ers also draft really well, and they have Bosa along with Brandon Aiyuk looking for extensions. This is a new challenge, but Armstead doesn’t seem phased by it, just as Shanahan wasn’t too worried or disturbed by it Monday.

As far as the “Taking care of” part of me wants to bring up DeForest Buckner and that debacle, I think that’s more of a learning piece than anything. The 49ers had to make a decision there, but they also may have gotten a bit too cute with the salary cap and keeping Buckner.

It’s been pointed out by many during Wednesday’s training camp session that the Deebo Samuel deal got done before the 49ers got into pads. Given this is a somewhat similar but less dramatic situation, it’s safe to say that is probably the big imposed deadline of when they would want to get things finished.

If the 49ers take the field in pads and there is no Nick Bosa, then we can start worrying.

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