Ariane Andrew On Her Struggles As A Wrestler & More


Former WWE wrestler Ariane Andrews was recently interviewed by “Ring the Belle”. During the interview, she discussed her struggles as a wrestler in her early days, the many bad memories that she has from Wrestlemania and more. Here are the highlights:

On Not Being Ready When She Was Put Into A WWE Ring:

Feuding with the returning Bella Twins was when we actually started to get inside the ring. Woo! The “bisch” wasn’t ready quite yet to get the feet wet. But, you know, fake it till you make it. It’s either sink or swim in WWE.

On Her Bad Moments At Wrestlemania:

WrestleMania has not been my best friend. We got the match cancelled then we had my top come off. Luckily, I was out early and not later, because the fans would’ve gotten a full preview of these little nuggets right here. They always try to come out and get their TV time.

On The Pressure She Had Going Into Her PPV Title Match Against A.J. Lee:

It was very nerve wracking. I had a lot to live up to for the simple fact that it was supposed to be Naomi. But with her being hurt, it’s like I took her spot. I was put in a position where I have to shine. Wrestling fans are going to hate me out there because [AJ Lee] made a huge impact in the division. I respect her, her work ethic, and what she’s doing now with her books. But for someone who was new, I wish I could’ve had someone who was more guiding and not leave me out to the wolves. That is what it kind of was. It was major tough love.

On Her Match Against A.J. Almost Getting Cancelled:

I’m gonna spill some tea here because [AJ Lee] said she was sick. Her stomach was hurting, but then she told me to do my move where I drop the leg on her stomach. I was like, “girl…I’m confused.

On Ember Moon:

Someone who was my complete favorite was Ember Moon. She wasn’t on the roster on my time, and this is when I was back down in NXT. We had some great matches. We just vibed. Our chemistry was always on point, and I had the best matches with her.

On Her Future:

Actually I had another finisher when I was down in NXT. You guys didn’t get to see that. But maybe you guys will in the future. I may have an announcement to possibly make. To possibly maybe comeback in WWE.

You can watch the full video below:

Credit: Ring The Belle.

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