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Ari Daivari Confirms He’s Full-Time With AEW


Ari Daivari confirmed that he is full-time with AEW as a wrestler and producer while appearing on AEW Unrestricted

The formation of The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux, Sonny Kiss, Slim J and Jeeves Kay) was discussed in-depth. The group started out on AEW Dark and made their way to ROH Death Before Dishonor and later on AEW TV.

“If some people remember, on a few episodes of AEW Dark, I was wrestling with another guy named Invictus Khash. He’s actually from your [Aubrey Edwards] area, the Seattle area.

Very good wrestler, he’s a fellow Persian man just like me. We kind of got put together randomly as a tag team and we’re doing a couple Darks together and it was going great. I actually really enjoyed tagging with him, he’s a bright, young kid. He’s from Iran originally, he speaks very good Farsi which is kind of cool. I thought that was a cool thing going for us and then just extremely talented in-ring. But apparently, Tony [Khan] wasn’t really feeling that for me and I showed up one day and I found out that I’m tagging with a guy named Slim J. I said, ‘Okay. That’s interesting’ and that day, me and Khash actually had matching gear because we tagged a few times together, we finally went and got matching gear. Like, all right, we’re gonna be a tag team, let’s do this for real and I showed up and I said, ‘Slim J? Where have I heard that name before?’ And I was like, all right, whatever and then he comes up to me. He’s like, ‘Hey, I’m Slim. We’re working together’ and I’m like, okay, this is interesting. Me and Khash have singles matches and then Tony shows up later and I kind of talk to him a little bit and he just lays this whole idea on the line for me with The Trustbusters and Parker Boudreaux and he has all these ideas for other members which turned out to be Sonny Kiss and V.S.K. and it all just kind of happened one day. But that’s what led to me getting my full-time job so, you know, that’s what the boss wants, that’s what the boss gets. I think it’s always been a very simple thing in wrestling… and I really enjoyed tagging with Khash and who knows? Somewhere in the future, maybe he can come join The Trustbusters but it was just Tony’s idea, something he wanted to do and it was just kind of presented to me and the funny thing was, a lot of it was just kind of some last minute stuff. Just, ‘Hey, this is what I want you to talk about, this is your new name, you’re in The Trustbusters’ and this was like minutes before I was about to go out there and part of me took it as a test. I get all this information and he’s like, ‘All right, go do it!’ And I go like, ‘No problem. I’m gonna knock this out of the f*cking park first try’ and I feel like I did and I got to the back and he was like, ‘Hell yeah. That’s exactly what I wanted… Let’s f*cking go!’”

Quotes via POST Wrestling

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