Andrade Reportedly Warns Rush and Dragon Lee About Signing with WWE


Top lucha indie star Rush recently signed with Ring of Honor and was reportedly warned about going to WWE by a current SmackDown Superstar, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Rush is very close friends with Andrade, who pretty much warned Rush and lucha star Dragon Lee about going to WWE. It’s believed that Lee will sign a deal similar to Rush’s deal soon

The Observer notes that Andrade’s advice to Rush was that “WWE wasn’t what it was cracked up to” be.

Andrade signed with WWE in 2015 and won the WWE NXT Title in late 2017. He’s been stuck on the midcard since getting called up to the main roster in April 2018, but his win over Rey Mysterio on this week’s SmackDown could indicate a significant push, which has been rumored for 2019.

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