Ancelotti in danger, two big names in the club confirm


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Will the slap received by Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final second leg against Manchester City be fatal to Carlo Ancelotti? In recent hours, the trend is clearly bad for the Italian coach as the team announced in its edition of the day. The thesis of a departure is also spreading via well-known names in the club.

Predrag Mijatovic, former Madrid striker who scored decisively in the 1998 Champions League final against Juventus, spoke at the Cadena SER microphone. And based on his knowledge of the club, there’s a real chance that Ancelotti is indeed in danger.

“Ancelotti? It seems to me that it is quite difficult to continue. Personally, I would like to see him next year, but knowing a little about how the people who make the decisions in Madrid think, it’s quite difficult for him. The question for Emilio Butragueño (Madrid leader who spoke after the match, editor’s note)… He can’t say anything today other than to recall that he has a one-year contract. But if you trust a coach deeply, you say Carlo Ancelotti is staying, period. You don’t say he has a contract, that he has a year left. »

For his part, former Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello bluntly urges Carlo Ancelotti to reconsider his future, estimating on Sky Sport that the option of a challenge in Brazil would suit him much better now.

“Obviously losing a 4-0 semi-final against Real Madrid is a very heavy score. Now I’m sure Ancelotti will consider this offer from Brazil tonight. It is better to take it into consideration, in my opinion, because there are stronger teams and therefore it will be difficult to perform in the Champions League. Carlo could end his incredible career in Brazil, perhaps lifting the World Cup and that would be the best, an extraordinary success. The offer should be accepted for me and I am convinced that he will think about it this evening. »

To sum up

Carlo Ancelotti’s departure from Real Madrid seems to become a reality after the defeat against Manchester City. Former Predrag Mijatovic and Fabio Capello confirm the possibility, claiming that Madrid’s decision makers could question Ancelotti’s continuity.

Ancelotti in danger, two big names in the club confirm 24hfootnews.

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