An OM star sets fire to Marseille, he fears the worst


A few days ago, at a press conference, Alexis Sanchez was categorical about his future at OM. The Chilean is calling for something heavy and an ambitious project to stay in Marseille. An outing that did not please Jean-Michel Larqué who believes that it could well dynamite the locker room in the coming weeks.

During his appearance at a press conference last week, Alexis Sanchez took the opportunity to put pressure on his future at theOM : “ I really want to stay here, I came to win titles, I don’t want to be 2nd, I want to win. I think I was sadder than the fans, it stays with me. We will see according to the results that we will obtain… “. An outing that is not at all to the taste of Jean-Michel Larque who fears it could have repercussions in the locker room.

“It’s not up to him to do it”

It’s not for him to do. I am a teammate of Sanchez today, I tell him: “If you want us to strengthen the team, that means that we are stooges and that you wish that we were no longer there. next season and that someone superior is in our place. But why shouldn’t you be the one affected by this change? “says the consultant RMC at the microphone of Rothen Ignites before adding another layer.

“The player doesn’t have to talk like that”

I am always very embarrassed by statements from players who want to talk about the level of their team. (…) There are some players who have done their job and these players may consider that Sanchez snubs them a bit and considers them to be pipes. Whether it’s today or at the end of the season, the player doesn’t have to talk like that », adds Jean-Michel Larque.

An OM star sets fire to Marseille, he fears the worst 24hfootnews.

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