Amanda Anisimova bewitches social media with a truly incredible outfit


Amanada Anisimova is a very active tennis player on Instagram. Despite her absence from the tennis courts, the beautiful US tennis player is bewitching her followers with images that immerse themselves in her private life. Photos of travel, fun, friendships, but also of super outfits.

Like the one she wore and showed off in one of her latest shots.

It is a long dress of a pale pink color, with long sleeves and a slit on the back. Her dress wraps her body sensually.

Here is the shot:





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Anisimova takes a break from tennis: “I’m fighting for my mental health”

The topic of mental health in sport has become fundamental. There are many athletes who have decided to open up and tell their problems without fear of being judged.

Amanda Anisimova, due to her mental health problems, has announced that she will stay away from competitions for some time.

She explained: “I’ve been struggling with my mental health and my nervous breakdown since the summer of 2022. It has become unbearable for me to participate in tennis tournaments. At this point my priority is my mental well-being and I have decided to take a pause for a while. I’ve worked hard to try and make it through this. I will miss the competition and I appreciate your support.”

Anisimova will turn 21 on August 31 and has already reached 21st position in the ranking thanks to the two tournaments she won on the major circuit, Bogotà 2019 and Melbourne 2022.

Amanda lost dad Konstantin in 2019; a loss that changed her life.

The first player to expose herself on this important issue and send a clear message was Naomi Osaka.

The Japanese has never hidden her fragility and has given courage to many other athletes. Impossible to forget what happened at Roland Garros in 2021. Osaka decided not to give interviews and was fined $15,000 by the tournament organizers.

The day after receiving the fine, the former WTA number one withdrew from the Parisian Slam and admitted: “The best thing for the tournament is that you abandon the Roland Garros. The truth is that I have been suffering from depression since 2018; anyone who knows me knows that I am an introverted person and that talking to journalists creates pressure and anxiety that I am not able to bear at the moment.”

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