altercation denied after the Pathé Ciss quack


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In the last straight line of the 24hfootnews, OL hoped to conclude the arrival of Pathé Ciss, Senegalese international midfielder who plays at Rayo Vallecano. But the affair started a little too late to be able to conclude and the player was finally unable to join the gone club, which was however waiting for reinforcement at the position of number 6.

Yesterday morning, the team even announced that things would have degenerated. Pathé Ciss, furious to see the file fail after having already been blocked for a transfer to Stuttgart, would have clung verbally and almost physically with its own president. A version however denied by Raul Martin Presa who told the story according to his vision to the Team.

“The first offer of €4 million from Lyon, for Pathé Ciss, reached us at 7 p.m. We couldn’t sell a player who was very important to us and who rose in value after his World Cup at that price. We started to negotiate around 10 p.m. and we finally agreed on a transfer of €7 million + 5 bonuses, at 10:45 p.m. But since the French market closes an hour before all of Europe, at 11 p.m. instead of midnight, we did not have enough time to send the documents to the French system. Even if we tried. There was never any altercation, insults or the intervention of security personnel between the player and me. He was disappointed and angry, it’s true, because he wanted to sign for Lyon, which is a very big club, but due to lack of time, it couldn’t be done. »

to summarize

While rumors surrounded the epilogue of Pathé Ciss not coming to OL, the president of Rayo Vallecano put things right. According to him, there was no altercation between him and his player following this file.

altercation denied after the Pathé Ciss quack 24hfootnews.

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