Alexa Bliss snapped again


Alexa Bliss snapped again

Alexa Bliss won a tournament to become the next top contender to the Raw women’s championship a couple weeks back. In the time since then, she both threatened to hit Bianca Belair with Sister Abigail and then actually hit her over the back of the head with a vase.

All this seemingly due to some sort of influence from Bray Wyatt.

But how would this play out in the actual title match on Monday Night Raw this week in Nashville?

Well, the match itself was a back-and-forth that appeared as though it could go either way. Then, late in said match, we saw multiple fans in the crowd wearing masks that distracted her. She tried to ignore them, and then the Titantron flickered and she snapped, attacking the referee.

That was it. A disqualification.

She went after Belair too, of course, and put her down with multiple DDTs on the steps. They brought out the stretcher for the Raw women’s champion to really drive it home. But she is still the Raw women’s champion.

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