Alexa Bliss on “A Moment of Bliss” Advancing RAW Storylines, Her Non-Wrestling Role, More


WrestleMania 35 host Alexa Bliss recently spoke with The Asbury Park Press and said she’s been adjusting well to her new non-wrestling role because it’s not much different from being in the ring.

“It’s a little bit of a change, but it’s pretty much the same kind of thing,” Bliss said. “We tell stories in the ring, out of the ring, and I’m able to do both now, which is nice. And it’s just more opportunity to be able to hone my craft and get better at what I do.”

Bliss also said her “Moment of Bliss” segments help advance the storylines on RAW.

“A lot of times, in the stories that we tell a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to speak their character, they just have to portray it in the ring,” Bliss said. “So being able to advance the storylines with talk show (segments) for other characters, plus add another dimension to my character, is a great opportunity.”

Regarding her in-ring future, Bliss did not rule out a return to regular in-ring competition.

“I’ve been doing live events,” she said. “It just depends on how I’m being used on ‘Raw’ that day. One day I’ll have a match and one day I’ll have a ‘Moment of Bliss,’ it just depends on what helps what story get across.”

Bliss is rarely used at WWE live events, despite her claim above. After being out for months due to concussion-related issues, she was cleared to return for the women’s Royal Rumble match in late January. She then worked a tag team match the next night on RAW, but she has been limited to the new role ever since. Bliss has been training in the ring at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with indie veteran Mike Quackenbush, but it appears she is not 100% cleared for WWE action.

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