Alex Kane Talks His Experiences In NXT, How Emotional He Got After Signing With MLW


MLW National Openweight champion Alex Kane recently appeared on the Turnbuckle Tavern podcast to discuss his experiences in NXT, and how emotional he got when he finally penned a contract with MLW. Highlights from the interview are below.

On his experiences in NXT:

It was cool being able to be there at NXT [for extra work] but like, it was way too… yeah, it was way too buttoned up. There was literally like no time to really relax or whatever and enjoy being there. It was just too… it was too stiff. With NXT, you’re sitting in this college auditorium, like classroom type deal watching the show so being able to see what they do during commercial break, that’s when they get all their curse words out which is funny. On-screen, they have a lot of fun but just being around all the other superstars and stuff, it almost — when I was there, I almost had this feeling of like, either they don’t give a damn that you’re here or they think they’re better than you or whatever and it’s just like, ‘Mhm, nah.’

Says he got emotional after signing with MLW:

I remember after I signed and I was reading it [list of goals he had written down], I started to cry. That was like, ‘I did this.’ I’m getting goosebumps right now but I manifested this. I made this happen. I put in the work and I made this happen.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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