Alberto & Paige Break Their Silence On The Airport Incident, Alberto GFW Suspension Update


Source: PWI
GFW champion Alberto el Patron (who is still suspended) and his real-life girlfriend Paige break their silence on the airport incident.

GFW champion Alberto el Patron and WWE star Paige appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open this afternoon to publicly address the 7/9 Orlando Airport incident and subsequent fallout, including Patron’s still standing suspension from GFW.

Paige said:  “Alberto said something he shouldn’t have said and ended up with a drink over his head. He should have gotten the entire plate of spaghetti on his head.  Alberto reiterated he said something mean that he shouldn’t have said it and said it was mean.

Patron said: “‘I felt humiliated since he was surrounded by people’ and reacted angrily but three minutes later, the police asked what I wanted to do.  I told them nothing so the police let them go and advised them to go their separate ways until they calm down.”

“Paige said that she wants to apologize specifically to the younger fans. They shouldn’t have acted the way they did. I can apologize, but he’s not going to do that – he’s just going to act the way they should be acting in public.  And Alberto said that if anyone was offended, that was not their intention and they are going to move forward.”

Paige said: “I loves my family but some of the media stuff is scary to look at and they are reacting to those stories.  My family is doing well with the exception of my Uncle, who passed away yesterday.

Patron said: Their families found out about everything via social media and the Internet and that’s not nice.  He said that they didn’t really know what was going on until they spoke with them. They were waiting for the official report because it doesn’t matter what you say until that report comes out.

Paige said: What happened publicly and everyone reacted as if that wasn’t the truth.  He said the “almighty Internet” reacted and will react until the authorities put out an official report.

– On If he was still suspended by GFW

Patron said: They are trying to do things differently from how they are usually done in pro wrestling. Rules should apply to everyone.  In Combate Americas, he was always pushing for fines if fighters didn’t make weight or weren’t ready for fights.  GFW needed to conduct their own investigation and he understands that.”

El Patron noted that a date has been set for his return. He will not be working this weekend’s GFW live events on the east coast, but he said that he’ll “be back soon.” GFW will hold their next set of television tapings from August 17-20 in Orlando.

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