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Alberto El Patron Plans To Leave Pro Wrestling Soon


On a media conference call with Impact Wrestling superstar Alberto El Patron this week. El Patron said it’s up to him and the other wrestlers in the locker room to help the company reach new heights.

About his plans for retiring from the wrestling business:

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve been saying it in every single interview, in every single promo after my matches: I’m not tired of wrestling, I love wrestling. The real fans, I like the real fans,” he said. “I’m tired of all the b.s. behind doors, behind the curtains. B.S. drama with promoters, companies, keyboard warriors, all the backstabbing, the darkside of wrestling. So that’s what’s making me think of leaving the business pretty soon, and also because life is fantastic and I’ve been really blessed and lucky with all the projects that I have coming my way. Also my work with Combate America, which is going fantastic because the company keeps climbing and climbing to the top. So that’s the reason why I want to stop, I’ve been saying that I’ll do 2018 and then maybe 2019 I’ll start like a farewell tour.”

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