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Alberto Del Rio Willing To Return to WWE


A few weeks ago, Alberto Del Rio’s status with Lucha Underground was up in the air. Del Rio was the highest paid talent in the promotion and was AAA Heavyweight Champion. His return for Season 2 appears unlikely at this point, and Del Rio can get out of his contract.

Del Rio was also said to be back in discussions with WWE after cancelling his contract with Lucha Underground. TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling have reached out with much interest to make Del Rio a major face of the company

In an update, Alberto Del Rio and LU talks have stalled. One person close to the situation was quoted saying, “Alberto is out as of right now.” The blame is falling to disagreements involving money and creative differences. Del Rio is also requesting December off because he want to have the holidays with his family.

As far as WWE talks are concerned, Del Rio has revealed to some close to him that a WWE return would work if the money is right and if it’s for Wrestlemania. Del Rio also wants an advertised return, not a surprise return that uses him to shock the fans. Del Rio wants people invested in his character.

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