Alberto Del Rio shuts down fans trolling Paige


Paige and Alberto Del Rio have been in a relationship for quite some time now. Paige had proposed to Del Rio at an independent wrestling event last year and the two have been engaged since.

Alberto Del Rio is currently making appearances for several independent promotions as well as Impact wrestling, while Paige is currently recovering from her surgery and has also been helping her family out with their shows. Paige also frequently accompanies Del Rio for his matches and bookings.

Here’s the controversial tweet:

Paige was criticised by several people for her remark:

Not one to back down from confrontation, Paige fired back at the haters by saying:

The young Brit’s innocent comment sparked off a full-blown twitter war of such intensity that the ’Mexican’ in question himself had to intervene in order to shut down the trolls with an apt response:

Shutting down the ‘dummies’ he stated that they were dating and that he’s Mexican. And that was that.

After recently beating Bobby Lashley for Impact Wrestling’s biggest prize, Alberto Del Rio, who performs under the ring name El Patron for the company, is set to play a pivotal role in Impact Wrestling’s new era.

Meanwhile, Paige is still on a hiatus from her in-ring duties in the WWE but seems to be well on the path to recovery from a major neck surgery that she underwent last year.

Let’s face it, in today’s internet age everyone has a global platform to voice their opinion, regardless of how baseless or downright absurd the said opinion may be. With that being said, in no way did Paige mean to disrespect her fiancee Del Rio nor did she disrespect Mexicans in her tweet.

We wish good luck to Paige and ADR in their future endeavours.

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