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Al Snow On Working For Jeff Jarrett And Dixie Carter


Source: Real Sport

Al Snow spoke with Real Sport on a number of wrestling topics. Al Snow Spoke On Working for both Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter.

Working for both Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter:

“For me, it wasn’t much of a difference because it was still the same thing, which was working with the talent. And just so you know when I first started with Impact my primary job was to do the women’s division for several years, and I loved it. I loved working with the girls. But my focus, whether I’m working with the girls or the guys or with Jeff or Dixie, my job was to work with the talent. It was to make them understand what business was to be conducted with their particular segment, help lay out that segment to ensure that that particular business was done. To ensure that chapter of the story was told, or that character was exhibited, or that idea, thought, impression, or emotion was transmitted in that segment of television so that we can make as much use of that television time as possible and make it as effectively as possible. And that didn’t vary or change whether Jeff Jarrett was in charge or Dixie Carter was in charge. It was a great place to work, not just as a producer but as an artist, as a wrestler, because you’re given the freedom and the responsibility to do exactly what you’re supposed to do which is go out there and create and make it happen.”

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