AJ Styles Compares Leaving NJPW To Hall And Nash Going To WCW, HBK On Bullet Club, Too Sweet Gesture


Source: WWE Network’s Table For 3

Recently on WWE Network’s Table For 3, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and AJ Styles conversed over a meal. Among other things, the conversation turned to The Bullet Club coopting The Kliq’s ‘too sweet’ hand gesture. Also, Styles likened his NJPW departure to Nash and Scott Hall leaving WWE for WCW.

On the subject of the ‘too sweet’ hand gesture, Nash claimed that Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman, also known as 1-2-3 Kid, discovered the signal in Europe and The Kliq started doing it as a handshake to each other.

“Kid was in a bar some place in Europe and saw somebody doing it. He said it was the Turkish Wolf or some kind of Turkish mafia. We were already The Kliq. We were getting heat, so we thought we’d do that, so that way we could walk by each other [and ‘too sweet’ each other].”

Styles credited Finn Bálor and Karl Anderson with bringing the ‘too sweet’ hand gesture to The Bullet Club.

“To tell you the truth, it was actually Finn Bálor and Karl Anderson who got the thing started. Obviously, big fans of the nWo and for some reason, just threw up the ‘too sweet’. But it was like, ‘dude, they’re going to think we’re trying to be like the nWo.’ But once they started doing it, it just caught on and it was all cool all over again.” Styles added, “it wasn’t just something that you did for wrestling. It was something we did.”

While Michaels said it was “neat” that The Bullet Club made it “cool all over again”, Nash stated that he is happy to be passing down something to top guys of this era.

“The thing with me was like, ‘so let me get this right, there’s this young group of guys that’s like hyper, hyper talented, like everybody can go in their group, and they’re emulating something that we did. To me, it’s like it would be one thing if it was like a bunch of scrubs, but it’s like the top guys are thinking that [bringing back the ‘too sweet’ is a good idea]. It’s just like, yeah, nobody has a problem handing down something to a top guy.”

When the conversation turned to The Kliq and Hall and Nash deciding to leave WWE for WCW, Styles compared that situation to his own experience leaving NJPW for WWE with Luke Gallows and Anderson.

“I can tell you that, you talk about The Kliq, we were definitely guys who enjoyed hanging out together. We’d go out together. We didn’t have to, but we wanted to, like, we enjoyed that.” Styles continued, “we went through the same thing that you guys are basically talking [about] right now. When we left Japan, it was Bálor first and then Anderson, Gallows, and myself all left at the same time, so you guys are talking about something that I’ve lived through myself.”

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