AJ Styles and LA Knight had a pretty realistic brawl at ‘Mania media day


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The WrestleMania feud between LA Knight and AJ Styles has already featured a fight on Styles’ lawn that briefly led to Knight’s “arrest”, and LA donning a disguise to get the drop on the Phenomenal One during last week’s SmackDown.

Not terribly surprising then that WWE ran an angle this morning (April 5) during a media event to promote this weekend’s event in Philadelphia. What was surprising, at least to this writer, was how real it felt.

In some respects, that reminds us to be grateful pro wrestling matches are works. As anyone who watches much mixed martial arts can tell you, shoot fights can sometimes be a little dull if you’re not someone who’s thrilled by strategic battles for control. Styles & Knight spend a lot of time doing that, but not until after a couple takedowns from AJ — including one that breaks a chair setup for interviews.

LA uses the wall to get the fight back on its feet, and maintains a hold of Styles’ head while sprawling to avoid another takedown. He eventually gets lifted up for a pretty vicious slam onto the carpeted concrete, though. Knight fires off some punches from the bottom, one of which bloodies AJ’s nose.

Once they’re separated, the former WWE champ promises LA he’ll “fuck him up” when they get in the ring at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. The Megastar doesn’t want to wait, and responds in similarly non-PG fashion that he’s ready to go if Styles shows up at SmackDown tonight.

It certainly got the attention of the folks there to chat about this weekend’s shows, among them our own Rick Ucchino.

Neither Knight nor Styles is announced for SmackDown this evening, but at this point we won’t be shocked to see these two show up and try to kill each other pretty much anywhere.

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