AJ Lee Talks On CM Punk’s Next UFC Fight


– AJ Lee had an interview with New York Times. In a new interview on The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts morning show, Lee talked about if her husband CM Punk wants to fight in the UFC again.

“Yes, he wants to fight again. I’m never going to be the person that stops someone from doing whatever their dream is so I support it.”

Lee Continued:

“I don’t think it hurt that for one night of working you get paid a million dollars. He was pretty psyched about that. He came backstage with the biggest smile on his face. He’s incredibly sweaty and I just threw myself on him and I’m like ‘I’m so freaking proud of you’.”

AJ Lee was also asked how her and her husband replace the rush of adrenaline that comes with performing in front of a wrestling crowd 300 nights a year.

“I think him and I have differing views on that for sure. My heart is always going to have this giant place for wrestling. So I’ll always miss that moment right in the ring when you feel that energy from the crowd. There is nothing that can replace that but I also think you need to appreciate the different kinds of happy there are.

So I have positive memories of that and I miss the fans. Doing these autograph signings and seeing people I’ve known for seven years is the coolest thing in the world to me.”

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